Opening Hours, Term Dates and Fees

Our opening times are:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm. We run 2 sessions per day, 9am -12pm, and then 12pm-3pm. Lunch is at 12pm.  We accept new starters throughout the year.

The Committee run a toddler group on Tuesdays 10am-11.30am, at a cost of £2.00 per session which is suitable for younger siblings. This is an excellent opportunity for younger children to become familiar with the setting if you are considering joining Cuckoos at a later date. We ask that you bring along a healthy snack to share with the group. Tea and Coffee are available free to parents.


Little Cuckoos



Term Dates for the 2019-20 Academic Year:

Term 1: 4th September – 23rd October

October Half-term:  24th October – 1st November (Return on 4th November)

Term 2: 4th November – 20th December

Christmas Holidays: 21st December – 3rd January (Return on 6th January)

Term 3: 6th January – 14th February

February Half-term:  17th – 21st February (Return on 24th February)

Term 4: 24th February – 3rd April

Easter Holidays: 6th – 17th April (Return on 20th April)

Term 5: 20th April – 22nd May

May Half-term: 25th – 29th May (Return 1st June)

Term 6: 1st June – 16th July (Graduation Ceremony for leavers only will be 17th July. Finish at 12pm)



Fees are £4.25 per hour, payable half-termly in advance. To avoid banking charges, our preferred method of payment is by online payment, the details of which will be on your invoice. Alternatively payment can be made by cash or cheque.

Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent. In cases of prolonged absence, the parents should consult the committee about fee payment. Each child’s attendance at the pre-school is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees or nursery voucher. Please refer to our Fees Policy for more information.

Fees are reviewed each October at the AGM.


We hope that your child’s time in pre-school will be a very happy and productive one. If you have any queries or if we can be of any help, please feel free to contact us.